1 day:
  • first explosive diarrhea all              NO PIC AVAILABLE ;)
    over daddy        
1 month: 
  • first bath
  • first Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • first big snowstorm (24 inches!)
  • first doctors appt

2 months:
  • first New Years
  • baby yoga classes
  • first grocery store outing
  • baptism
  • gave up on breastfeeding :(
  • first smile

3 months:
  • mmmm...ga!  (your favorite noise to make)
  • first play date with another baby
  • first superbowl
  • second big snowstorm (another 30 inches!)
  • first time out to a restaurant
  • first time sleeping through the night
  • first laugh
  • first time finding your hands
  • rolled over from tummy to back

4 months:
  • St. Paddy's day parade
  • starting to grasp objects
  • mommy's first time leaving you for the weekend
  • first time finding your feet
  • first family vacation in South Carolina
  • first time at the beach, in the ocean (just the toes)
  • first time on a plane
  • first Easter
  • rolled over from back to tummy

5 months:
  •  first time at the zoo
  • starting rice cereal
  • first time at the park
  • first time in the baby swing
  • first teeth (2 in the bottom)
  • first time eating from a spoon
  • first mother's day, went to the park

6 months:
  • sitting up with hands supporting
  • eating fruit and vegetables
  • first time in the pool
  • first time fully in the ocean
  • scooting
  • first father's day, hangin with daddy and grandpop
  • holding your bottle by yourself (what a life saver!)
  • first swim class
  • officially became stronger than mommy 

7 months:
  • sitting up with no support
  • crawling
  • clicking noises, lots of babbling
  • pulling up to standing
  • saying dada and mama
  • first bbq (4th of July)
  • started crawling up the stairs (time for safety gates)
  • really interested in hands (making Napolean Dynamite butterfly gestures)

    8 months:
    • first intentional high 5
    • holding his own cup (not necessarily drinking much out of it, though)
    • cruising (along the couch)
    • first intentional clapping
    • first time in the umbrella stroller (not sure why I haven't used it yet)
    • playing "bongos" on everything (chairs, old cans, etc)
    • turning pages in books when we read

      9 months:
      • first time up a flight of stairs
      • first time purposely clapping
      • first flu shot- ouchie!
      • first time standing with no support
      • sharing cup and spoon with mommy & daddy
      • understands and enjoys chasing us around the house 
      • starting to take interest in stuffed animals

      10 months:
      • may have said "dog" (on purpose)???
      • clapping on command- any time someone else claps or finishes speaking/ singing
      • first time going to a friend's birthday party 
      • first taste of a real human treat (birthday party ice cream!)
      • first festival- Taste of Bethesda (and got another taste of ice cream)
      • first pumpkin patch and hayride
      • starting to learn sign language 
      • top 2 teeth pop through

      11 months:
      • saying "dad" & "dog"
      • loves playing chase around the house (the crawling version)
      • favorite toy is a cell phone
      • slam dunked a basketball in a kid's hoop
      • first Halloween!  Went trick or treating as a martian
      • starting to eat with utensils
      • 2 more bottom teeth
      • very much understands the concept of shaking head "no" (and does it to almost everything)
      • beginning of temper tantrums

      12 months:
      • first steps (but not walking)
      • saying dad, dog & "dis!" (meaning "This!  This is what I want!"), but still no "mama"
      • starting to climb on furniture (trying)
      • starting to understand hide & seek (come find mommy behind the curtain)
      • favorite toy is the vacuum
      • enjoys riding on wagon and push toys (but mostly enjoys pushing them)
      • First Birthday party- pirates!
      • Trip to NYC
      • pix with Santa, Christmas (1st where you somewhat knew what was going on)
      • 2 more top teeth

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        1. Happy 2nd Birthday, Niall!
          We hope you have a happy and fun year ahead and regret to tell you your bday present will be arriving a little late. We hope you won't notice!
          With love and big hugs from the west coast, and America's finest city, San Diego! Aunt Lauren and Uncle Todd


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