Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 by 30

30 has now come and gone, so it's a little late for the 30 before 30 bucket list.  Honestly, I guess I like the idea of it, but I had to completely block it out of my mind, knowing that if I made a list, I would have ended up putting it together at the last minute, giving myself a few weeks to accomplish all of those things, never actually do them, and then feel really bad about myself for leading such a boring life.

So, instead, I like to reflect; a look back on the things that I have accomplished without even trying, mostly.  A better way to look at the big picture, don't you think?  I have to warn you, about 75% of this list might not be deemed an "accomplishment" by the majority of the population.  But for me, these are events, tasks, memories and idiotic stunts that have somehow made my life all the better.  Let's just say my "30 by 30" is a bit... unique.

So here they are:  30 completely random things I have accomplished by the time I turned 30 last week.  (In no particular order)

1) been peed on by a tiger... don't ask, it really is that simple
2) participated in Ellen's Dance Dare
3)  Took a day trip to NYC... with my 1 yr old... by myself... during Christmas time... and miraculously found parking... and maneuvered around the city with a BOB jogging stroller... and had a panic attack while stuck in traffic inside the Lincoln Tunnel.  NEVER AGAIN... but probably would do it again at some point when I'm feeling particularly crazy/ambitious and then curse myself for doing it again
4) came face to face with a baracuda... and proceeded to try to push my snorkeling friends closer to it so that I could get away (I was born with a real motherly instinct)
5) endured 40 hours of labor... and then the 40 minute Adventist minister conversion attempt that followed
6) had my appendix burst while I was studying abroad in Ireland
7) survived a flight where I am 99% confident the plane was struck by lightning... and then proceeded to be thrown across the sky... and then I yelled out "We're not gonna make it!!!".... and made a 15 year old girl cry... and then we made it... and then I flew again (MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT)
8) went waterskiing while 6 months pregnant
9) Irish danced at my wedding
10) Irish danced for Jessica Lang, who I met in a small pub in Ireland with 5 other people in it, all of whom had no idea who she was
11) took an outdoor shower.  I don't know why, but you haven't lived until you've taken an outdoor shower.
12) laughed so hard that I've peed myself (specifically, practically every time I get on a trampoline)
13) left my kids and hubby at home for a long weekend in Key West with my girlfriends-- and never once felt guilty about it!
14) watched a sunrise by myself in complete silence on a beach with a nice hot cup of coffee
15) saw a shooting star-- let me explain:  I am fully aware that seeing a shooting star is nothing special because EVERYONE has seen a shooting star.  Except for me.  Until a year ago.  I have searched far and wide my whole life and stood helplessly while others screamed out "There's one!  Look, another!  Over there!" and I would spin around in circles and grab binoculars and never ever see anything.  But I finally saw one and now I am at peace.  But I have yet to find a 4 leaf clover and I'm not entirely convinced that they exist, so I'm going to let that one go
16) swam with dolphins in Mexico
17) went to a nice dinner by myself and enjoyed a glass of wine.. and felt completely self-conscious the whole time, but told myself that I was exuding confidence
18) spent an absurd amount of money on private ballroom/ Latin dance lessons after watching the first season of "So You Think You Can Dance"... until I realized that we could no longer afford a $250 per month hobby
19) went through a Taco Bell drive-thru in a limo
20) pencil-rolled through a McDonald's drive-thru when they wouldn't respond to me on foot.  Someone really should have informed me that it is not, in fact, a "tire censor" that recognizes your presence, but video cameras.
20) jumped off of a bridge... honest to God, because my friends did it
21) was so scared going through a haunted forest with my friend that I decided I had to escape, attempted to run off the path, tripped over the rope, fell on my face and cut up my entire leg... and then when the chain saw men stopped to make sure I was ok and I said "yes", they continued to chase me with their chain saws
22) saw Michael Jackson in concert.  Enough said.
23) had a dead squirrel carcass from 1979 fall out of the chimney and directly onto my face-- well, ok, it fell on Matt's face, but I was close enough to still feel the thrill
24) went to comedy school in NYC
25) spent a year traveling the country with complete strangers, bunking up in sleeping bags under stadium bleachers, to help disaster victims in their recovery (AmeriCorps)
26) had a real live tea party
27) gutted and cleaned and butterflied my own fish before cooking and eating them.  I felt like a real survivor of the wild, until I remembered that my godfather was standing over my shoulder telling me what to do because I had no idea
28) created a vision board after reading "The Secret"... tucked it under my bed, and then never looked at it again.  But I put a lot of effort into that vision.  Has to count for something.
29) received a standing ovation for my karaoke rendition of Steely Dan's "Peg"
30) I suppose I should mention my hubby and kids somewhere on here.  They are pretty cool, too :)

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