Friday, August 16, 2013


Finally.  I can say, after 3 months of living in our new house... 1 flood, 1 entirely replaced carpet, 1 touch up paint of the walls, and 1 "deja-vous experience of moving furniture and all kinds of boxed stuff all over again" later... yes, we are actually feeling settled in now.

Now that I've had a chance to do some assessments of each room's lounge-worthiness and keeping the kids occupied-ness, I've definitely come up with my favorite things about our new house.

Surprisingly, the top of my list has to be the deck.  I didn't realize how much I would actually use this thing, since we didn't have one before.  We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out there almost every single day and I absolutely love it.

Another bonus:  when the kids are done eating, they run straight over to the jungle gym-- leaving me alone, in peace, to actually enjoy my food and not scarf it down my throat standing next to the sink!  It's the little things ;)

Next favorite is definitely the TV area.  Matt and I can now watch TV without curling into the fetal position on top of each other to squeeze onto the loveseat.  This baby is a little piece of heaven...

We've joked that it's kind of sad because when we are sitting on opposite ends of this couch, we can't even reach our arms long enough to remotely come close to touching each other.  Ahh, so sad.... I'm sure I'll find a way to get over it ;)

Next, the play area (AKA Godsend)...

'Nuff said.

As much as we are settled in now, and I do feel like we are 95% there, I have to wonder if these will ever end up on the walls...

There are probably at least 2 pictures up against the walls of each room in the house, but I get the feeling that both Matt and I are kind of at a "stop and breathe" point, where we're just feeling done with the whole thing.  So maybe at some point in the next 6 months, we will also have pictures on our walls.  We'll see.

And finally... this room is in no way, shape or form my least favorite; it's just that the other rooms are so much more functional for us right now.  This room was designed mostly by mother-in-law (an interior designer) and I am an absolute drill sergeant about letting the kids go in it.  I'm sure I will be able to actually enjoy this room in 10 years or so...

Until then... STAY OUT!!!!  And please enjoy the play area for your entertainment located downstairs :)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Beach Crazy

It didn't hit me the whole entire summer until last week-- I haven't gone to the beach in not 1, but 2 whole summers.  We don't have a place to stay and it just never occurred to me to go for a day trip... utnil last week.

I got the itch.  I needed to go and I needed to go immediately.  The thought of Niall and Brendan both being at an age where they can equally enjoy the fun of the sand, waves, shells, sea creatures, rides, treats and everything that Ocean City has to offer little kids was just too much to pass up. 

So my trooper of a sister-in-law and I packed up the car and took those boys for the grueling 3 hour car ride at 6:45am.  6 hours total commute (to and from) for 4 hours of fun.  Sounds worth it, right?

Well, it totally was.

I think the highlight of Brendan's day (besides the ice cream) was burying his feet in the sand.  Totally cracked him up.

For Niall, that was just child's play.  This boy got to go on his first ride all by himself.  I was a little nervous that he would decide he was done in the middle of it going full speed, but he was completely enthralled.  Didn't take his hands off that wheel the whole time (or stop smiling). 

Brendan didn't have the patience to wait in the 30 minute line at Thrasher's, which I can't blame him for but was still a bummer, and I also got in a parking fight with a 20 year old guy, which brought out a whole new level of "crazy mom" in me.  But all things considered, I'd say we had a pretty awesome day.  Would I do it again?  Umm, maybe next year :)

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Becoming a Big Boy

I have to really watch what I say around Niall these days-- even if it's not a "bad word," there are a lot of things that I don't necessarily want my 3 1/2 yr old running around saying to people.

For example:

"What the heck?"
"I'm so sick about you!" (adapted from "I'm so sick of this!")
"It just never ends, does it?"
"You're unexpectable!!" (Unacceptable)

And now, every day begins with a proud proclamation at the breakfast table of "I'm pretty big today, mom.  I'm getting really strong and old... so maybe today I can watch too violent TV shows and play with weapons?"

But with all of the annoying parts of my boy becoming big, there are also some really fun parts.

Like the first trip to cash in the piggy bank.  (I have taken him to get a toy before "from his piggy bank funds", but always forgot to actually empty his piggy bank).  So our adventure to the Coinstar worked out great for both of us.


$23 richer-- not bad for a mere 3 year life savings.  And with big money comes big financial responsibility.  My boy knew that he would need to take care of family with a chunk of change like that, and so he decided to treat his little bro to a mall ride and a new toy.

Well, after he got himself a talking Rafael, of course.  (Which came with 2 hand daggers, which I promptly removed despite Niall's best attempt to keep them hidden in Rafael's secret shell backpack sheath).  Nice try, though.  A very noble attempt.


I wouldn't recommend talking toys if you have any say over it (since it wasn't my money, I felt like kind of a scrooge dictating what Niall picked)... I seriously can't wait til this thing runs out of batteries and I don't have to hear another "You're Going Down!!", but it was totally worth witnessing the joy of a big boy's dreams coming true.

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