Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Spirit

We kind of hit a homerun with the Christmas activities list this year.  I think we may have attended every holiday event humanly possible in the DC area and then extended it to the Southern Maryland region when we ran out of things to do here.  I'm not sure if I should be patting myself on the back or slapping myself and promising to never attempt doing all of these things ever again.

It started off with a gimme.  Snow.  Packable, sled-able, snowman-make-able snow for the first time in Brendan's life and what might as well have been the first time for Niall, since he was under 2 the last time we had a good winter snow.  

I knew that the day wouldn't be complete without a snowman, but I also acknowledged that I was way too lazy to go full size... so a mini-me snowman did the trick.

Then began the tidal wave of holiday events...

Christmas Lights (Obviously, we have quite a lot of work to do for our house next year)

Zoo Lights

(I don't have any pictures because I was too busy chasing my kids up and down a mile long hill in the dark, running in different directions, without a stroller.  It was so much fun that I almost abandoned them for a couple cold brewskis at the zoo bar & lounge)


Trains at the Botanic Gardens downtown DC (because the first ones near our house apparently weren't good enough)

Breakfast With Santa (with one of Niall's little buddies.  Brendan was not interested in sitting on that scary old man's lap and was sure to let us all know)

Christmas at the Petting Zoo (different zoo from the one mentioned above)...

Christmas Clydesdales & Santa on a motorcycle (which sounds really cool, but actually involves a lot of questions about where Santa's sleigh went and why is Santa riding a motorcycle and other logical inquiries that I am not clever enough to answer)

Christmas Morning:

The bike was for Niall and the train table was for Brendan...

...but as all things go with brothers:

Christmas Birthday Party:

I am seriously sweating just recalling the events of the last 3 weeks, but we had fun.  And against my better judgement, I will probably do it all again next year and cry myself to sleep a few times when Brendan does everything in his power to separate himself from me in an over-crowded public place.  But hey, it's all in the name of Christmas spirit, so how can I say no?

Happy New Year!

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