Friday, August 2, 2013

Becoming a Big Boy

I have to really watch what I say around Niall these days-- even if it's not a "bad word," there are a lot of things that I don't necessarily want my 3 1/2 yr old running around saying to people.

For example:

"What the heck?"
"I'm so sick about you!" (adapted from "I'm so sick of this!")
"It just never ends, does it?"
"You're unexpectable!!" (Unacceptable)

And now, every day begins with a proud proclamation at the breakfast table of "I'm pretty big today, mom.  I'm getting really strong and old... so maybe today I can watch too violent TV shows and play with weapons?"

But with all of the annoying parts of my boy becoming big, there are also some really fun parts.

Like the first trip to cash in the piggy bank.  (I have taken him to get a toy before "from his piggy bank funds", but always forgot to actually empty his piggy bank).  So our adventure to the Coinstar worked out great for both of us.


$23 richer-- not bad for a mere 3 year life savings.  And with big money comes big financial responsibility.  My boy knew that he would need to take care of family with a chunk of change like that, and so he decided to treat his little bro to a mall ride and a new toy.

Well, after he got himself a talking Rafael, of course.  (Which came with 2 hand daggers, which I promptly removed despite Niall's best attempt to keep them hidden in Rafael's secret shell backpack sheath).  Nice try, though.  A very noble attempt.


I wouldn't recommend talking toys if you have any say over it (since it wasn't my money, I felt like kind of a scrooge dictating what Niall picked)... I seriously can't wait til this thing runs out of batteries and I don't have to hear another "You're Going Down!!", but it was totally worth witnessing the joy of a big boy's dreams coming true.

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