Friday, August 9, 2013

Beach Crazy

It didn't hit me the whole entire summer until last week-- I haven't gone to the beach in not 1, but 2 whole summers.  We don't have a place to stay and it just never occurred to me to go for a day trip... utnil last week.

I got the itch.  I needed to go and I needed to go immediately.  The thought of Niall and Brendan both being at an age where they can equally enjoy the fun of the sand, waves, shells, sea creatures, rides, treats and everything that Ocean City has to offer little kids was just too much to pass up. 

So my trooper of a sister-in-law and I packed up the car and took those boys for the grueling 3 hour car ride at 6:45am.  6 hours total commute (to and from) for 4 hours of fun.  Sounds worth it, right?

Well, it totally was.

I think the highlight of Brendan's day (besides the ice cream) was burying his feet in the sand.  Totally cracked him up.

For Niall, that was just child's play.  This boy got to go on his first ride all by himself.  I was a little nervous that he would decide he was done in the middle of it going full speed, but he was completely enthralled.  Didn't take his hands off that wheel the whole time (or stop smiling). 

Brendan didn't have the patience to wait in the 30 minute line at Thrasher's, which I can't blame him for but was still a bummer, and I also got in a parking fight with a 20 year old guy, which brought out a whole new level of "crazy mom" in me.  But all things considered, I'd say we had a pretty awesome day.  Would I do it again?  Umm, maybe next year :)

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