Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Milking It

The one nice thing about having repairs done to your house is that you get somewhat of a hall pass until everything is finished.  No cleaning, no cooking, no need to fold laundry perfectly and set it back in its correct drawers, and apparently there is no need to follow your regular health routine anymore either.

Since we've been staying at my in-laws' these last 3 weeks, every day, I come up with some excuse to skip my morning yoga and walk ('it's just too difficult to do yoga on this rug without a mat' and 'I'm not sure where to run around here' have been a few of the things I've convinced myself are valid excuses).... but then I like to really put the nail in the coffin when I proceed to get one of these every day after lunch:

(half eaten because I couldn't wait until after taking the picture)
I mean, I don't have a cute little market with amazing rocky road brownies near my house; it only makes sense for me to take advantage while I can. 

But then I also like to have one of these every night after dinner.... because, I'm kind of on vacation right?

And tonight is Matt's brother's birthday, so it would only be right to finish off the night with more brownies.  It would really be rude if we didn't ;)

But aside from all of my bad habits, we have also been taking good advantage of some of this down time and really been having a lot of fun that we normally don't have time for.

One night, we completely ditched our normal bedtime and went on our first hunt for lightning bugs.  I have to say, seeing your kids' faces the first time they witness a lightning bug is totally worth staying up for. 

We also went to a marine museum down in Solomons, where Niall got to touch all kinds of crazy sea creatures:

Diamondback Terrapin (coincidentally, Niall was wearing his Terps shirt at the same time)

Horseshoe Crab

He also got to touch the sea star, sea urchin, a hermit crab, and conch-- but was pretty bummed that he wasn't allowed to touch that baby bull shark hanging out at the bottom

We also visited a 3 story high lighthouse overlooking the Patuxent River, which I didn't realize how ambitious of a task it would be. 

It wasn't the long walk down the docks getting to the lighthouse, but the whole trip to the top that was a little nerve-racking for me.  It was basically like climbing 3 ladders while holding 2 kids, which also surprisingly wasn't even the worst part.  It was coming back down where I almost lost my cool.  You had to go backwards because it really was more like a ladder than stairs.  And doing that while holding a baby and assisting a toddler is no small task.

But in the end, we got to touch that light at the very top and called it a successful day.

And, don't tell on me, but I even treated myself to a couple naps during all these stressful home repair times-- might as well milk it while I can, right?  Back to reality next week.

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