Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Walking Disaster

I've learned a lot over the last 4 months or so, since I've had 2 walking kids. The first thing is that life changes a lot more significantly than I ever could have imagined when you go from having 2 kids to having 2 walking kids.

Just when you start to brag to yourself about how surprisingly together you are (after that 8 or 9 month stint of  zero sleep, juggling sippy cups, bottles, different size diapers and the correct age-appropriate snack for each kid, hoisting a baby on your hip while holding the other one's hand)... it all goes out the window when kid #2 figures out that he can escape using those 2 funny stumps attached to his hips.

Brendan is, well, how do you say?  A WALKING DISASTER.

Niall was always very cautious, even as a baby.  I probably could have gotten away with no baby-proofing,  honestly.  So it is a very difficult adjustment getting used to a kid whose goal in life is to submerge himself in toilet bowls, eat bugs, rub food into his hair until you can't see his natural color, cover himself in dirt, and swallow household cleaning products.

He busts his lip open at least twice per week these days, a transformation that had me packing a bag for the hospital the first time-- to now giving him a paper towel to chew on until the bleeding stops.

He also enjoys walking into walls at full speed, climbing to the top of playground equipment and then acting like he's had a few bottles of scotch, stumbling around haphazardly to all of the open drop-offs and making me sprint from opening to opening, ready to catch him in mid-air.

My boys are constantly wandering in different directions, especially in large, open public places (which is super fun wondering if your one kid is going to get snatched up by some creep while you are chasing the other one).

Brendan still loves climbing on top of the dining room table and teetering on the edge with a big, smug smile, just to get my attention.  He has also leaned too far on the dining room chairs a couple times and tipped them over, miraculously without splitting his head open.    

But he is so dang cute, and I am so happy he is who he is.  Along with the heart attacks he almost gives me on a daily basis, he also gives me some good hard laughs with that little sense of adventure of his. 

One of the reasons I haven't been posting very much on here lately is that I no longer have an available hand to snap a photo with, which makes it hard for me to recount my daily stories and adventures with these guys.  That part of being a mom of one, I really do miss.  And I feel a little guilty that Niall will have so many more photos, videos and stories than Brendan... 

But there are still times here and there when I do get that split second and manage to get a good photo of these guys... and by "good", I mean moderately-not-blurry and depressingly average quality.  However, the faces in the photos are what matter in my book :)


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  1. These boys could not be any cuter! Kerry, you make being a mom of two look like a breeze so its nice to know from this blog that you are human. Miss you guys!


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