Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reasons my 3-year-old might be freaking out

A friend sent me this article a couple weeks ago 46 reasons My 3 year old might be freaking out , and I was dying.  On the floor, crying and laughing at the same time; but mostly, just so happy to know that all toddlers have these kinds of meltdowns at one point or another (or multiple points AND another). 

So I knew that I had to make my own list based on my experiences with Niall.  The things that set these little guys off is too funny...

Reasons my 3-year-old might be freaking out:

1) I put his milk in the wrong sippy cup
2) I said "you're welcome" after he said "thank you"
3) His pull-up has a submarine on it
4) I sang along to the song on his TV show
5) Brendan looked at him
6) I'm making him wear "hard pants" but he wanted to wear "soft pants"
7) The Thomas toothpaste tastes different than the Elmo kind
8) Brendan tried to share a toy with him
9) Only dad can read him stories
10) Only mom can put his socks on
11) Blowing your nose is "mean"
12) I gave him his dinner before putting his drink on the table
13) The dump truck's dump feature is in the wrong position
14) I picked the wrong melody on his white noise machine
15) I thought he was talking to me but he was actually talking to his imaginary friends
16) I bought the wrong "flavor" of hand soap
17) The bath water is "too medium"
18) I'm not allowed to have the same favorite color as him
19) The door was open instead of shut
20) I put a toy away in the wrong basket

Love being the mom of a 3 year old :)

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  1. I think I could make a similar list for what makes my husband freak out :)


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