Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: Planes

When they say the whole "blink and you miss it" thing with kids-- whoever "they" are-- they weren't kidding. It's hard to believe that this was 2 years ago, almost to the day,  when I was at this airplane museum with Niall.  He would have been about 16 months-- just a month older than Brendan is now. 

But Brendan was not even remotely in the picture yet, and I couldn't even tell you what milestones Niall had hit by this point- was he talking, climbing, running, jumping? Why is it so hard for me to remember everything when I only had one kid at the time?

I look at these pictures and I feel like I don't even know that little boy.  Niall is growing up so fast and it all somehow became a blur.  Could this possibly be the same guy on that same pavement with those same planes?


With this guy alongside him!?

Somehow, the airplane museum seems a lot cooler when you have a very dedicated wing-man next to you.  I think Niall may have liked this trip even better than that first one 2 years ago.

One thing is for sure: some things never change.  This airplane in baby Niall's hands...

definitely did not stick around for 2 years-- it probably didn't even make it 2 months.  Luckily, he completely forgot about it.  So when I let Niall pick out a new one this time, wouldn't you know, out of a dozen or so different options, he picked the very same plane; same color and all...

Not sure which one is Maverick and which one is Iceman...

But either way, these boys make flying look good.

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