Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blossoms or Bust

It was almost a bust.  One of my favorite times of year-- first, because there are usually a solid 10 days when I can open my windows all day AND go outside at 3 pm without immediately retreating back into the house for fear of melting or setting on fire...

But mainly because we live in the one place in the country (unless someone was lying to me) where you get to bear witness to the famous cherry blossom trees in bloom.  It is truly a sight to see and we do it every year, no matter what.  The thing is, there are only 4 or 5 days to catch them in full peak-- any time before or after and you'll miss it, so I become somewhat of a cherry blossom stalker every March/April. 

This year, mother nature played tricks on us by giving us a couple 85-90 degree days at the very end of March and then getting cold again.  The peak date got pushed forward, then pushed back and then the couple times I thought I had it timed right, it rained.  After all the nasty tricks and almost giving up, we finally got to see them.  And it was totally worth it:

The boys may have been a little young to appreciate hundreds of beautiful pink trees hanging over their heads, but that's ok.  They enjoyed the park nearby, so I guess everybody wins.  

Not bad for a Thursday morning adventure.

 Happy Spring!

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