Thursday, March 14, 2013

The times are changin

We're pooped.

We haven't even been through the actual move yet, and I already feel like I need a break.  Keeping the house perfectly clean and tidy 24 hours a day for a week is a serious challenge with 2 little hoodlums running around this joint.

I would go through the house tidying up for a showing, and they would follow behind me, dumping baskets of toys and smooshing goldfish into the ground.  And the day before our open house, Brendan decided to color all over our freshly painted wall with black crayon.  Niall was intuitive enough to sense my frustration and quickly exclaimed "That wasn't me mom!!"

Smart boy.

Good news, though.  We sold our house!  Well, its under contract, so let's not jinx anything yet.  In the mean time, I'm thoroughly enjoying the ability to be messy again.  I'm usually a total clean freak, but this week has taken so much out of me, that I've decided everything will remain dirty and disorganized until the home inspection in 10 days.  A much needed break.

To celebrate, Niall got to make a big mess with some chocolate chip cookie dough and we jammed out to the oldies station on Pandora. 

In other good news, Brendan started walking 2 weeks ago... but quickly decided that it was not for him.  BORING.  Apparently, crawling is way more efficient.  He remains sassy as ever and has a new face for "You're not feeding me fast enough!!"...

 And "Don't bore me with your little games"...

He's very expressive these days... and feisty as they come ;)

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  1. omg i can't believe brendan's hair!!! he's lookin super irish these days :)

  2. Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly! And that little guy of yours is ridiculously cute!!

  3. Congrats on the house sale. I remember what it's like to show a house with two kids. Torture!


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