Friday, February 22, 2013


We have become quite the bunch of couch potatoes around the McCullough house in these last 2 months.  I remember telling myself back in November, when it first started getting chilly, that I would never let a little nip in the air stop my kids from getting their daily dose of fresh air; we were just going to have to bundle up and deal with it for the rest of the winter.

Then, it became a once or twice a week event, and now... well, let's not even talk about it.  The closest I've come to fresh air in the last 2 weeks is pulling the curtains open on our living room windows.  I guess its just something about the 20 minute bundling-everyone-up-process and then knowing that Brendan is going to pull his mittens off the second we get outside and I will spend the entire time fighting him to get them back on.

Either way, we've been doing a lot of jumping on the beds, puzzles, and coloring lately (and definitely more TV than I would like to admit).  That, and a lot of goofy face photo shoots...

So luckily, we had a play date at the building museum last week with some friends.  For Niall, it was probably a pleasant memory of what it's like to get out of the house and do something, but for Brendan, it was like his first taste of sweet freedom...

He even made a little girlfriend with his mad lego building skills...  Well, it was more like he was some kind of small animal and she wanted to pet him, but let's not split hairs over the details. 

And Niall, of course, wanted to show Brendan everything he knows about construction and make sure he was doing it right...


Whenever we do get out these days, I remember how much easier it makes my life to let them go blow off some steam for a few hours.  And now that it's finally February, I feel like I can actually get my butt in gear.  Even though it is still pretty cold outside, it just feels more like spring.

So no more excuses for this lady; I'm on a strict 3 days a week outside regimen until its warm enough to be outside every day... starting after this weekend's cold spell passes, of course :)

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  1. Looks like they're having a lot of fun - is hard not to hibernate in the cold :-)

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Friday Baby Shower, the new linky party for all baby related posts – Alice @ Mums Make Lists xxx


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