Friday, January 11, 2013

The Easy Way Out

I never thought I'd be a mom who does things "the easy way"-- as in, letting my kids get away with things just because it's more convenient for me or too difficult to deal with.  And when it comes to the behavioral stuff, I really try not to cave... but when it comes to the gray areas, I've been doing a lot of 'easy' these days.

Like if my kid is in desperate need of a haircut (so much so that it shoots out in different directions and no amount of wet comb is going to change that), but I don't feel like dealing with a stage 5 meltdown... the hair will remain in its spiked out position until I feel that it is somehow impairing his vision.

And what's that in his mouth, you ask?  Oh, that's my attempt at feeding my child vegetables-- loading cake batter with banana and pumpkin, and then covering it in frosting.  And that's my only attempt these days because I'm so tired of every other attempt being rejected.  Now, I'm the mom who gives him a dinosaur vitamin with breakfast and calls it a day. 

Yea, shove it down kid.  Go ahead.  Joke's on you this time!

Or if my baby likes to suck on a beer bottle (empty, I swear!) and taking it away from him is like you might has well have hit him over the head with it... suck away, my friend.

Taking the extra 5 minutes to spoon feed Brendan or maybe even teach him how to do it himself has also become too much of a burden, so it's on-the-job training for this one...

And it doesn't seem to bother me anymore when my kids don't play with the toys that I thought they would love or should love.  You want to play with a diaper instead of the bouncing singing turtle machine?  You knock yourself out. 

I think that I'm adapting pretty well to this 'letting go' thing.  I can't believe I didn't give this parenting tactic a try before.  Kudos to all of you moms out there who figured it out a long time ago :)

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  1. I think it happens after kid number 2. There just isnt time. Im glad your not beating yourself up over it. haha. I think my kid number 1 will be like this after watching so many kids. Eh whatever! Your doing Great! And your guys are getting soo big.


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