Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Toys Please

Kids and toys can be a funny thing.  You just never know what is going to be the big hit.

I thought I was pretty on the ball this year; did all my Christmas shopping in one foul swoop on Cyber Monday.  But I wanted to really go for it this year, since Niall could finally understand what was going on and really enjoy it.  In 3 years, we have never gotten him a kitchen or grill or play house or any of those big sets that take up a whole corner of the room and supposedly keep kids entertained for hours.  I decided that Niall deserved that coveted big corner piece toy (or maybe I deserved the time to myself).

So after getting some smaller gifts, I stumbled on the mother load for Niall:

Tool bench and whiteboard-slash-chalkboard.  Jackpot.  Niall tries to get into Matt's tools every day and gets shooed away.  Now he would have his very own tools AND work table!  He is also a fan of trying to play with sharpie markers and coloring things he's not supposed to, so I thought I was pretty clever with this kid-friendly whiteboard set.

On Christmas morning, I made Niall close his eyes and put his little slippers on to come down the stairs and see his big surprise.   I even attempted to WRAP the things...

What do you think he did after he opened that awesome, amazing, best-ever tool bench?

Threw the paper on the ground and ran over to the next present, naturally.

And after that?... He asked if we could go back upstairs.  Awesome.

2 weeks since Christmas, and do you think the kid has played with the things?  Of course not.  He wants to play with the $10 dinosaur train set and a puzzle-- that I didn't even get him...

But I can't complain; this just means I don't have to get him expensive gifts anymore :)

Plus, we had a great day... 

Kicked it all off with a breakfast fit for a heart attack: bacon and Paula Deen's "gorilla bread" which is basically biscuits covered in cream cheese and sugar.

Well, before that we discovered that Santa came and then opened our presents (let's be honest, breakfast was not in the cards until later in the day)

Brendan was pretty easy to please.  I think he's just happy when Niall doesn't pummel him the second he touches a toy.  And today, Niall was obviously distracted.  So Brendan got his 5 minutes alone with his presents, and it all worked out.

The one thing I wanted to do this Christmas was get a family photo, but things turned chaotic and it just didn't happen.  New Years resolution, I guess.  Well, my real New Years resolution is a simple one:  Look for the good.  Sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up and feel hopeless about all of the sad things that happen in the world, and even the trivial things that stress us out on a daily basis.  It's good for me to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff and find the good when the big stuff does happen.  Hope 2013 brings you lots of good :)

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