Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Bruiser

Even before Brendan could crawl, he was desperate to keep up with his big brother. It was adorable to watch at times...

...but it mostly involved gasps of horror at the sound of the sonic boom that was sure to follow.  See, it all happens so quickly that I find myself taking a picture of a smiling baby one second, and rushing over to scoop up a bruised little noggin the next.

Situations like this one rarely end well in my house.  I've learned that just because Brendan can pull himself up, doesn't mean he can keep himself up; that cruising = bruising; that hanging with the big brother = getting knocked over like no other.  And it is seriously heart breaking to watch this little guy's battle wounds day in and day out.

If I were to take him into the hospital every time he banged his head against something, I would be in there just about every other day.  So I just hold him and hug him and kiss him and hope that it will all be ok.

It's hard to tell what's really going on here-- I'm sure that part of it is second time mom syndrome, where I just don't have the same keen eyes I did when it was just Niall and me.  With one baby, I could be fully attentive to his every move.  Now, I find myself sprinting around the house with a vacuum while Brendan rummages through the recycling bin for a good paper towel roll to chew on.

Part of it has to be big brother hazard.  Niall really is mostly gentle with Brendan and very sweet to him, but when he gets too excited, it's game over.  Brendan is getting rolled on top of, yanked around, knocked over, crawled over, shoved into toy baskets, pushed too hard on the swing, being aggressively lifted up by a kid who shouldn't even be lifting a hamster, you name it.

And the other part of it has to be Brendan's personality.  There are situations Brendan gets himself into that I am confident Niall would never in a million years have gotten into. For instance, I am pretty sure I am the only mom in the world who can say that she has caught her sweet, innocent baby chomping on a stink bug not once, but twice in the same month.  I might also have the only baby in the world who can head butt his pack-n-play from one side of the room to the other in a fit of rage.

But he's tough, God bless him.  What this little trooper is lacking in stature (90% of his height, according to the current U.S. baby population), he makes up for in persistence and attitude.  When he gets knocked over (or knocks himself over), he gets right back up with a big, gummy smile on his face.  And that's what we love about our little B.

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