Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Lucky Dog

I think you could say that last weekend was a pretty good one for Niall.  I mean, I don't think there will be another time in his life when he will be able to say that he saw the world's biggest snake, ate the world's biggest pancake, and watched a real live pirate ship sail in to shore all on the same day.

When I say the world's biggest snake, I really mean that I have no idea if there are bigger ones out there, but I'm going to pretend (and hope) that there aren't.  And when I say the world's biggest pancake, I really mean "don't challenge me because I worked really hard to make that pancake so big!"

It was pretty epic for a 3 year old to see a reptile show like this one.

And for a 52 year old, too...

I couldn't help but wonder, as Niall stood as close to the stage as he possibly could, if he might resemble one of those pigs or goats that the reptile man was saying these snakes like to prey on.  Don't worry, we adults are really too big for them to try to eat-- they don't mean us any harm as long as we leave them alone... they just like to eat small animals in the 20-40 pound range...

You mean, like...this range?

How reassuring... sounds like my little guy might be the perfect snack for this big mama who chowed down on a 49 pound goat the other day-- horns, hoofs and all.  Lovely.

But that didn't stop us from staying around to see the rest of what the reptile man had to show us.

A pre-historic species of snapping turtle

A beaded lizard

and Niall's favorite... (after seeing the snakes, this was probably the least interesting of all the displays, but Niall always surprises me with his top picks); even after everything else he had seen that day, he still chose the baby alligator for the first place slot.

Then, as if the day could get any better, Niall had his first school bus ride to get back to the parking lot... A true step toward big-boy-ness; no doubt about it. 

After such an amazing & adventurous day, surely I'm off the hook now-- no temper tantrums, sleep defiance, or whining-- for at least a few days.  That's how that works, right?

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  1. Where is this magical place??

  2. I have been thinkingn about that dang snake for days. Thanks for that LOL

    Glad you guys had a good time though


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