Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Be a Kid

I think I've finally got this whole mom of a toddler thing down when it comes to fun daily activities.  A trip to the zoo here and there-- check.  Rainy days at the kid's library-- yep.  Frequent playdates with our little buddies-- you betcha.  Mornings out in the park-- quadruple bajillion checks, yes.

But when it comes to a regular old day in, I'm totally clueless.

Some days, you just don't have plans and it's one of those lay low, hang-around-the-house kind of days.  And those ones-- the ones that are supposed to be relaxed and easy-- are surprisingly the worst for me!  I might as well have taken the effort to drive an hour into DC rather than trying to fill that endless 4 hours until lunch and nap.

What happened to the child inside of me?  Where is my creativity for goodness sake?!

I very vividly remember being 6 or 7 and playing "hotel" in my basement.... BY MYSELF, mind you (I'm an only child); just talking and talking TO NOBODY for hours.  It went a little something like this--

Me:  picking up the non-existent phone "Hello?  Yes, this is the KMO Bed & Breakfast.  Umm, let me check my book.  Nope, sorry we're completely full that weekend.  What about the next Saturday?"

Non-existent person on the non-existent phone: "Sure, that would be fine!"

Me: "Ok, let me pencil you in..." (I proceed to actually pencil that person into my journal and make a careful note of whether they would like a smoking or non-smoking room)...

It was really fun-- a little too much fun for someone who is not even playing with an actual person, but that's besides the point.  The point is that I am capable of coming up with fun pretend play and all kinds of other entertaining ways to fill the time.  I just need to jog my memory a bit.

So I started researching some stuff to do with toddlers online.  Most of the stuff was obvious-- indoor obstacle course, bowling with plastic cups, color hunt/ treasure hunt around the house, act out different animals and guess what you are, etc.  I was looking for a little bit more of the imaginary kind of stuff, but no luck.

But apparently, if you are a cool dad, you will just think of things like this without even trying, and keep a kid entertained for hours--

Curse you, couch fort!  Ok, one point for Matt.  I totally should have thought of this.  Even the little secret toy corner...  Touche`, Matt, touche`.

But I am getting better day by day.  I think my mohawk series might have him beat...

So I'm working on it.  A lot of the girly stuff I come up with can be slightly altered to become boy-worthy.  Like, for instance, how about a dinosaur tea party?  Or playing house with lego towers?  Just as fun, right?

It will all come back to me eventually, this fun kids' stuff.  Slowly but surely :)

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