Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Last Hoorah

It's always bittersweet; that day or week when you realize summer is officially over.  Especially when it comes to the bay.  I thought we had a few more boat rides, dips in the pool, and clam digging adventures to enjoy before the cold set in.  But I sadly realized this week that the show is over for fun in the sun this year.

Our last summer hoorah at the bay was back at the end of August and we didn't even know that it was happening.  But it was a good one.  One that wraps up the summer in that 'let's do everything fun that we possibly can to make it really worth it' kind of way.


Niall is like a little sponge down there, always soaking everything in and wanting to learn new things.  And he's learning from the pros...


While Brendan is learning how to keep me on my toes everywhere we go...

Sometimes it's better not to have to say goodbye.  Sometimes, it's better to enjoy today and not think about tomorrow.  That's a lesson that I am happily reminded of when looking at life through the eyes of a child.

I'm glad it ended that way.  And I'm glad we didn't have to use "the final trip" as a motivator to live it up.  They were doing that already; regardless of whether it was our first or last time down there-- from sun up to sun down (and usually long after that).

Don't get me wrong-- there will still be more trips down to the bay in 2012... probably one this weekend, actually.  But it's different when the pool is covered, the boat is out of the water and we are digging for snails with coats and boots on instead of bathing suits and bare feet.

It's a different kind of fun.  But still fun.  Now I can look forward to holding warm cups filled with spiced tea on the dock, watching the sun set together since it will be before their bedtime now, and swinging in the crisp fall air with bright, beautiful leaves dropping all around us.

Yes, I'm ready to welcome the fall.

...But not winter.  Please stay away as long as humanly possible, thanks :)

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