Friday, September 7, 2012

The Bond of Brothers

I can't say that Niall ever had that really hard time you envision and know is coming when a second baby comes along. It was definitely a little uncomfortable those first few days, everyone getting used to each other, getting used to the fact that this new little guy was going to be sucking away a lot of attention-- but really, the most Niall ever did to rebel was just ignoring Brendan and pretending he wasn't there.

But I noticed something in Niall right from the beginning that assured me he was going to be a kind big brother-- an all around good big brother. Little things like desperately wanting to show Brendan a certain truck or insisting that the reason Brendan is upset is because he wants to play with him... giving Brendan a turn when he shows interest in something Niall is playing with, proudly announcing that Brendan must be hungry or tired or sad. It really made my heart melt.

And, of course, there was the occasional "THAT'S MYYY TWUCKK!!!!" and some other little setbacks of that nature. But overall, I knew these little guys were going to be fast friends. So now that Brendan can crawl and sit and hold toys-- even heave himself over the side of the toy basket to keep up with big bro, it's been such an amazing thing to watch.

About 20 seconds after I took this picture, I went to grab something from the kitchen and heard "It's ok Bwendan!  I'll help you!!" ... Came back in to find Brendan's feet in the air and completely stuck- head first- in the toy basket with big Bro Niall trying to pull him out.

They don't just play toys together, either.  These guys are creative.  How about working together to remove all of the shoes from the shoe rack and pile them into the car seat?  That's one way to be productive...

They also do some serious handyman work-- goggles and all....

And we have to make Brendan sample all the different types of goggles, of course...

These 2 also like to play Hansel and Gretel by leaving trails of baby puffs (Niall's new favorite food) all over the house, and then crawl around eating the pieces off the floor.  And let me tell you, if there is a crumb, Brendan will find it!  I am constantly finger sweeping this one...


Sometimes it makes me feel sad to think of how many fun and silly ideas I could come up with playing as a kid, and how difficult it is for me to think of good stuff these days to encourage my own kids' sense of adventure and imagination.  Luckily, they are doing it on their own.


Wherever one is, the other is sure to follow close behind...

I'm trying to really soak up this time when things are simple between them.  I do realize that a time is coming when Brendan will be old enough to care about certain toys and be annoyed by poking and prodding, when there will be taddling and hitting and fighting.  But for now, it's just brotherly love.  Just the way I like it.

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  1. ahhhhhh that just killed me. too cute. i have to see them soon!


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