Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day with the Dinos

On a day like this, it's hard to justify going inside to play.  But we did.

We did it for the dinosaurs.  A totally worthy cause.

I seem to have a knack for scheduling indoor activities on the nicest days of the year, but this one was worth a couple hours cooped up inside.  And I think Niall would agree.

The Natural History Museum.

We went with our friends next door, and the boys could have very well stood in the foyer staring at this elephant all day.  Little did they know what was waiting for them around the corner.


I wish that Niall had a little pen and pad because he looked so studious walking around and observing each exhibit.  He was all business ;)

Ok, so this one got me thinking... is the skeleton dinosaur experience not quite the same as the cute cuddly dinosaurs on the Sprout channel experience?  Because this could be the type of thing that has been causing Niall to crawl into bed with us every single night over the last 3 weeks.

But Niall loves his dinos and I coudln't take that away from him.  We've been talking about the "dino museum" for quite some time now, and I'm a lady of my word.

He actually didn't seem scared at all, surprisingly.  I kept waiting for him to ask me where their skin was or why they look so different from the ones on "Dino Dan," but he seemed totally ok with these... "different".... types of dinosaurs.  It was quite the little scientific adventure for him.

The only thing cuter than a little almost 3 year old boy yelling out the wrong names of each display, is 2 little almost 3 year old boys telling each other what is going on behind the sheet of glass.  "Oh, that's the spikey-o-saurus!  He's mean!"... "Yea!!"

Naturally, we came all the way in to DC to this amazing museum... to watch TV.  That is so much more exciting than everything else around us.

I can't complain, though.  He was pretty intrigued with all of it.  How could you not be?

It only got that much better when we got to the insects area.  Imagine sticking your nose up to about a thousand bees just goin about their business. 

"Oh yea, they're definitely in a time out!"
I thought I had seen it all in the many years I had come to this museum on field trips in my school days, but this guy takes the heeby-jeebies to a whole new level..

I am not kidding you, this thing is called a "Bird-Eating Tarantula"  IT EATS BIRDS!!!

It's pretty crazy to think that the last time I came here was in middle school, but I remember it all like it was yesterday.  I remember the whole dinosaur setup, with the T-Rex crouching over the Triceratops.  And it was all so much larger than life to me then.

I have to wonder if Niall will remember coming here in a year or even a few months.  It couldn't be more than a few months ago that trains were the coolest of the coolest-- and then a few weeks later, dinosaurs kicked them to the curb.  Who knows if Niall will still even like dinosaurs a month from now. 

Which is why I love doing fun things like this the second I get the idea.  I'm really glad we did this, and hopefully we'll be back before the paleontology phase is over ;)

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  1. Oh man, I totally LOVED hearing about their commentary to each other - how very cute!!!

    The fact that the train stage could be replaced by dinosaurs kind of depresses me though, I'll keep our trains please. LOL


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