Monday, August 13, 2012


There are a few crucial side notes that I accidentally left out of my vacation post...

1) Brendan STRONGLY prefers Bud Light over Miller Lite.  Tested, tried & true.  I'm talkin, makes out with it.  I have to say, as a long time Miller Lite supporter, I'm not happy about this.

Yes, I know that in these particular pictures, he is choosing a bottle over a can, but even in the case of 2 bottles, he always goes for BL.

2) What ever happened to parks like this?  I used to love getting lost in these wooden maze castles and now I never see them anymore.  A definite perk of South Haven!

3) Brendan loves boogy-boarding.  We won't crush his dreams by telling him that doing it on a non-moving surface makes him any less talented.

And Niall loves showing him how it's really done. (And we won't tell Niall that he is actually surfing, not boogy-boarding).

4)  Next time, we'll go for the $25 bag fee instead of buying Niall his own plane ticket.  I like this kid's thinking.

On another note, it's now 6:45am and BOTH of my kids are still sleeping-- as in, nobody woke up in the middle of the night.  WOOHOOO!!!

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