Saturday, July 28, 2012

Michigan, here we come

I have 2 hours to get out the door for my family reunion in Michigan and, for whatever reason, I'm not being the usual stress case that anyone who knows me would expect.  Somehow, I've already mentally checked out and am in full vacation mode.

I'm sitting here with a pile of broken crackers and crumbs at my feet, a screaming baby in the other room (because he desperately needs a nap, not because I'm neglecting his basic needs, thank you very much), and a tornado of clothes all over the bed.  And yet here I am, writing this blog entry.

I intend to make full use of this vacation, because I've learned in our past attempts that a vacation with small kids is really no vacation at all.  So this time I have to strategize a little.  I'll shoot for the stars instead of the moon and be totally satisfied with the little things that make me smile in the midst of the daily grind.

These goals may not sound like a big deal to the average person going on vacation, but to me, they are all I need to consider this getaway a total success...

I hereby declare, (and by posting it publicly, maybe I will strive that much harder to actually accomplish these things), to do the following on my vacation this week:

Read a book (or at least more than 40 pages of one)

Do yoga every morning

Put these on... to go for an actual run, not taking the garbage out

Use this at least once...

Instead of this...

Dare I say it??  Wear this to the beach one day...

Watch the sunrise... on my own terms, not because a kid woke me up

Enjoy a cup of coffee and some creative writing... and actually finish the cup of coffee before I get distracted by anything else

Can't wait for a week of grilling, relaxing and running around with the kiddos.  Michigan, here we come!

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