Friday, June 1, 2012

Sweet Treat

I've been craving the sweet treats like no other lately.  It's getting kinda out-of-control.  There are currently 4 remaining Hershey bars (from the 6 pack for the s'mores last weekend), that will obviously need to be eaten at some point.  I mean, I can't just waste them!...  And then there's that jar of half eaten Nutella that has only been consumed by me, straight up with a spoon-- not spread on toast or strawberries or used as some kind of accent-- just face in the jar style.

So I've been seeking some healthy alternatives and came up with this bad boy:

Ok, so blueberry lemonade is no substitute for chocolate, but I'm really proud of this little concoction.  Not only did I use frozen blueberries to make this lemonade pink (completely accidental, but I will still take full creative credit), but I also added fresh purple and green basil from the garden to add some extra zing.

So this was all I used:

Agave Nectar

Then, I strained the blueberries out after 10 minutes of soaking, using a slotted spoon.

It's the perfect summer drink-- if your kid doesn't have superhuman spider senses and can tell that you somehow managed to squeeze a little bit of real fruit into your yummy sugary-tasting drink.

But at least I can enjoy some myself.

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