Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden Gurus

One of my favorite things about the spring is starting anew with our garden.  Just when the old stuff is starting to look a little drab, it's time to pack up the kids and take a trip to Home Depot to get some bright new plants and flowers.

Ok, let's be honest, the trip to Home Depot with 2 kids is the not so fun part.  Chasing Niall around the nursery, begging him to stop pulling the blooms off the flowers with a baby strapped to my chest, trying to hold 10 pound potted plants at the same time is not exactly fun...

But picking out the new plants really makes me happy, and once we get home, Niall is ready to work hard...

And its a good thing because guess who's not ready to work hard?

That's right, I'm willing to pull the "I'm just a frail little lady" card on Matt when it comes to these things.  I do the part I like and I leave the rest for him to deal with.  That's probably my favorite thing about gardening :)

I like to dig the hole and put the plant in... and if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll even throw the mulch on top of there.

But weeding and pruning just ain't my jam.  That's up to the hubs.

Mmmm, no thank you
I might also just find that after all my hard work on one garden bed, I'm just too exhausted to go on to the other side.  And it may sit there half finished for a number of weeks or so...

But hey, at least I put the plants in.  I got the ball rolling and that's what counts in my book.

Apparently Matt ran into the same problem with the stone pavers leading to the back yard.  He worked so hard putting those first 6 in a few months ago that he decided he was never going to put the last 3 down...

But let's not talk about lack of motivation.  Let's get down to my real pride and joy--


The plant bed in the back yard never existed before my brilliant idea.  I dug this puppy out next to our new basement well fence to test out a little theory about bugs.  Supposedly, rosemary, marigolds and basil keep mosquitoes away, so I planted them near our fire pit in the hopes that we would actually be able to sit out there this year without experiencing the plague.

It seems to be working so far in terms of mosquitoes.   But I didn't realize that it's the gnats that really get to me, not so much the mosquitoes.  Those things find their way into my nostrils, mouth and the corners of my eye within about 5 minutes of being outside.  And there aren't any plants that repel those suckers. 

Anyway, Niall loves to help with yard work, and help he did.  He immediately grabbed his blue shovel and started scooping out all of the mulch that I had just put into the plant bed.  I would put some in and he would happily scoop it back out. That's what I call symbiosis.

Baby B helped even more by staying quietly in his little beach cocoon while we worked.

This thing is amazing because it has netting over it to keep the bugs out.  I can just plop him in there and go about my business, while he plays with the dangly toys that hang down from the top.  It keeps him occupied for at least 45 minutes, which is a new record.  It's a must have for all serious baby gardeners. 

I don't know what I'd do without my little helpers :)

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