Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mother of All Mother's Days

When I was little, I would imagine myself as a mom on Mother's Day and what it would be like... in my little fantasy, the day would only be complete with a giant bouquet of bright, beautiful flowers, a heartfelt card with touching messages from each individual family member, breakfast in bed brought to me on one of those little wicker trays, and the whole family would be smiling and holding hands as we sauntered into church in our prettiest outfits.

Oh, and pictures... lots and lots of family pictures commemorating the day.

Now, as a mom, I can say with confidence that what really makes me happy on Mother's Day strangely doesn't include any of those things.  And somehow my day was still fantastic...

Yes, of course I got flowers.  But Matt is very thoughtful about his floral arrangements.  No massive bouquet-- just 2 yellow roses, one for each of my boys, and yellow for my favorite color. 

No heartfelt card-- Matt couldn't find a pen anywhere in the house, so I got a blank one instead... and we have a running joke of getting each other the cheesiest cards we can find every holiday:

No breakfast in bed, but Niall did bring me an uncooked egg that he had cracked and licked on his way up the stairs... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't get salmonella.

And no Sunday Stepford Family Brigade walking into church in our finest garb holding hands-- instead we were 15 minutes late due to my inability to find a dress that a) fits me and b) allows me to nurse, so I had to wear some shabby beach bum dress that made me look like the bag lady.  Niall sported a pair of too-tight shorts from last summer and Brendan stayed in his puke stained onesie from earlier that morning.  Matt looked nice, though... 

Oh wait....

Sorry-- no family pictures, like I said.  I think I've made it through 4 holidays now, where I've woken up the next day and said "Seriously?  We didn't take a single picture yesterday??"

No, I don't need any of those fantasies to make me smile.  What made this Mother's Day truly special was that Matt really went out of his way to give me exactly what I wanted:

-to sleep in
-to take a long, quiet nap
-to not have to give the kids a bath
-to not have to clean anything up
-to go somewhere for brunch where I wouldn't be stressing about Niall not sitting still

Niall and Uncle Pat

How's this place for an amazing kid's spot?  Mexican brunch with a sand pit... and a margarita.  It's almost exactly like being at the beach, except there's no water and it's overlooking a major highway.  Does life get any better?

Hubby delivered, let me tell you.  I couldn't have asked for a better day, and as much as I joke about just wanting some peace and quiet, I truly love being a mom.  It has been everything I ever dreamed and more.  Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a special day, you really deserve it. But, come on Matt, even I know where the pens are in your house LOL!

  2. I love the part about finding a dress that you can nurse in... I'm struggling with the same thing with all the upcoming summer weddings, etc. Happy mother's day!


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