Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ellen's Mother's Day Dance Dare

I hate to break it to you, Ellen, but I've been doing dance dares since you were in diapers (or maybe high school... no, you were probably well into your 40s... but the point is, I've been dancing behind people like an idiot long before you had this segment on your show.)

So I was prepared for the challenge when she put out a dance dare for mamas.  Except she was asking for pregnant women to send in videos, not moms who already had their babies... probably because she didn't think a woman would put her baby in harm's way by strapping him to her chest while aggressively dancing.  Well, this girl does.  So I hope it pays off...I'm not sure what the grand prize is, but I'll accept the loss of my dignity for bragging rights.

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  1. LOVE it! So funny! Great dancing!!

  2. Congratulations on having one of the first bloggy videos I've ever watched all the way through (I usually skip them entirely) Too funny - not quite sure what the background here is, but I think that made it even funnier for me!


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