Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

I've finally gotten a little better about taking pictures-- although my camera has become this dusty heap at the bottom of my diaper bag, I've become quite the sly fox with the smart phone shots. It's the only way I can capture a moment fast enough with these little guys on the move. So the quality of the pix are probably not as great as I'd like, but it's better than not having any, right?

I've been looking back through my photos from the last 2 weeks and trying to find the common thread to tell a story on this blog... but there is only one thing that comes to mind as I look at each and every one of these pictures: things that make me happy.

There's really no story to tell this week; just a compilation of photos that make me smile for a boat load of different reasons. I hope they do the same for you...

the pride of mastering tummy time
Niall's idea of what a smile is supposed to look like :)
a big brother taking care of his little brother
sneaking off to climb a tree in the middle of a parade
exploring by the dock
kisses for baby bro
a log cabin in the middle of the forest...
...and a "tea party" setup made from tree stumps
Mr. Owl McCullough, as Niall calls him
Daddy bonding time
3D movie with a best buddy
and wearing the glasses the next day just because it's cool

What made you happy this week?  Link up below:

Mrs Stephanie T

Have a great week :)

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  1. Daddy bonding time is my favorite!!

  2. Love love love all the pictures!! :o)


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