Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring has sprung, and where I would usually be jumping for joy this time each year, I'm having a bit of a love-hate relationship with this crazy season of rebirth.

I've been beyond blessed that I have never suffered from the dreaded "A" word, but poor Niall has pollen fever beyond belief. It's hard to watch.

This poor kid can't even walk from the front step to the car without his entire face becoming covered in gooey snot.  He lets out more sneezes in a day than words, and he sounds like an 87 year old man with sleep apnea when he goes down each night.

He is so sick of having his face wiped, that he screams "NO BOOGIES!!!" whenever he sees me coming with the tissue and sprints the other direction.  I can't even wipe food off of his face anymore without a fit.  So sometimes I just don't (Shh, our little secret).

But we don't give up.  Not in this family.  We chug down that allergy medicine and spend the whole morning outside, just about every day.  As much as those plants try to bring Niall down, he has nothing but love for them.  Kill em with kindness, that's his motto.  He is a nature boy- always has been and always will be...

The other predicament of spring: thermostat guilt

If I didn't feel extreme guilt for destroying the environment and wasting a boat load of money, I would have the heat on from 4am-9am each morning and the AC on from 10am-5pm.  But since I'm so PC, we are bundling in some serious sweats for breakfast time and stripping down in the afternoon these days.

The good news... pretty flowers, fresh fruits and veggies, and perfect weather.  I'm excited to work on my garden this weekend, hit up the farmers market, and try out some new recipes.  What are you doing to celebrate the season?

Enjoy your weekend!

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