Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a zoo-inkydink

I think there may be a biological clock ticking away somewhere inside of me-- no, not the one that tells you it's time to have more kids...  the other one; the one that tells you it's time to hit the zoo.

Obviously, spring is a great time to go, but what I found when I was looking back through my photos from when Niall was a baby was beyond a coincidence.  I'm seriously freaked out.

April 19, 2010

April 19, 2012

I had absolutely no idea that I had picked the exact same day, 2 years apart, to bring both of my babies to the zoo for their first times.  And I probably couldn't have picked a better day on both years.  I like my zoo trips cool and breezy as opposed to the summer trips where I pant like a dog and drip with sweat the entire time.

The only difference this time around was that I stopped trying to position the stroller perfectly in front of each cage so that I could get pictures with both the babies and the animals together.  As you can see, the only one I attempted this time involved a kid with food hanging out of his mouth and a sleeping baby who couldn't have cared less.  Then my common sense kicked in and I decided to stop wasting my time.

So the photo shoots this time were mostly minus the kiddos...

I also decided, this time, not to take Brendan out of the stroller so that he could "see" the cool animals.  It's pretty hilarious to me that I even did that with Niall at 5 months old.  Brendan took a nice little snooze 'n stroll while Niall appreciated the zoo life (since he actually had the mental and visual capacity to do so).   

 I'd say that this time was slightly more engaging than the last...

 But I'm sure we'll be back again soon :)

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  1. That's too funny that you went on the same day both years!!

  2. Cute pictures! I hear ya, my boys are itching to get out and about as we get more sunny days (rare here in the PNW) and the zoo has come up several times :).


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