Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunt

What could be better than watching a bunch of kids on an Easter egg hunt?...

When those kids are all 2 years old and can't seem to find eggs that are staring them right in the face.

It was so dang cute and hysterical.

The assisted living community in Kensington hosts the egg hunt for my mom's club every year and this was my first time going.  They put out bright purple, yellow and orange eggs in their garden-- and when I say "in" their garden, I mean along the perimeter, in the open, where the eggs are not covered by any shrubs or anything.  

I was sure that the entire egg hunt would be over in a matter of seconds, but sure enough, they had all been stumped by the Easter bunny.  At one point, Niall and his 2 buddies were standing in a circle around one of the eggs and we 3 moms were desperately trying to get one of them to notice it and pick it up.  Eventually, I just tossed it against Niall's shoe so that he would have to see it.

All this egg hunting can be exhausting!  Break time...

He didn't make out too bad, though.  Despite his mommy's complete failure at parenting-- forgot to bring an Easter basket to collect the eggs-- we had a friend who was on the ball and brought an extra.  Niall ended up with 6 eggs and consumed about 38 jelly beans before I could hide the remaining ones in my diaper bag "for later."

Speaking of not noticing things that are right in front of you, it took me about 10 minutes of running around with Niall to remember that I have another child-- one who happens to need a lot more attention than Niall.  I sprinted over to the stroller (about 50 feet away) to make sure Brendan was ok and found him completely smitten with this little old lady.  She was just leaning over the stroller talking to him, and he could not stop smiling.  I felt like I should pay her for babysitting.

Anyway, that's the main perk for the home in hosting this event-- is that all of the little cuties walk around saying 'hi' to the residents, showing them all the eggs they found.  It really makes their day.  Well, Niall is not the walking around socializing type, but I made him do it... As we passed each resident, they would pat Niall on the head and say something like "Hi there sweetie!  Did you find some eggs??", to which he would reply "I want mowe CANDY!!" and put his basket in their face.

Luckily, they were all pretty hard of hearing and would just say "Oh, that's great!  Bye, bye!"... a response that he was definitely not happy with.  This weekend will make up for any lost candy, let me tell you.  I bought quite the mother load of chocolate- mostly as an excuse for me to pig out, but still.  It's gonna be a great Easter for all!

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  1. Oh my gosh, too funny! My mother in law took Mason to an Easter egg hunt and she said the whole event was over in like 20 seconds as all the eggs were scooped up immediately LOL But I think it was just in a grassy open area, so a little less challenging.

    Being so absorbed with Niall's hunting that you totally spaced out the little man sounds totally like something I would do. LOL


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