Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brendan's Baptism

We were wandering into uncharted territory that morning... things could have gotten really ugly and we just weren't sure what to expect.  Niall was undoubtedly going to miss his entire nap on the day of Brendan's baptism and there was pretty much no way around it.  So how would this all pan out, we wondered?

But to my complete and utter shock, Niall was a total angel through the whole thing!  I could hear the occasional "My pretzels!" and the clanking and jangling of rosary beads being used as a moracca...but all things considered, he did great.

And so did his little bro-- slept like a champ through pretty much the whole thing.  Even when the deacon poured the water over his head, he just grunted, rolled his eyes in the back of his head, and went right back to sleep.

He looked really cute, but there was one little glitch that definitely was not an issue with Niall-- Brendan's fat neck would not allow for the gown to button closed.  I have a little chunker on my hands and I love it.  I vividly remember Niall was practically drowning in that thing.  Poor Brendan could barely fit!

The bonnet was also a wash.  I tried to tie it around his head but there was no denying that it was way too small.  I took a few pictures with it dangling off and then decided to call it a day.  Let's not humiliate the poor kid, right?

We had a nice little service, complete with some strange anecdotes about Marilyn Monroe killing herself and how we don't want Brendan to turn out like that... umm, thanks for scaring us straight, Deacon.  But it really was nice.  He talked about the importance of the godparents in leading Brendan through a meaningful, faith-filled life. 

And we have just the right people to do that...

Matt's brother and my best friend

After a little celebration and cake, I was ready to hit the sack.  That's what I call a successful day :)

God bless baby Brendan!

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  1. you look adorable! love the boots & your little chunky man!! :)


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