Tuesday, January 10, 2012

True Love at the Aquarium

I hope this never gets old. The whole "My kid's having so much fun that I'm having fun" thing. I was probably  more excited to be at the aquarium this weekend (as a 27 year old) than I ever was as a kid-- just by watching Niall's reactions to everything.

Like, for instance, this is pretty cool-- a sting ray that is bigger than a person.  I didn't even know they could get that big... but something about Niall yelling "WOOOAAAHHHHH" made me appreciate it that much more.

And you can imagine the "WOAH"s I got when we stepped up to the shark tank...

The reason we attended such a spectacular underwater show this weekend?  True love... I mean, Niall's little friend's birthday.

But seriously, I hope they get married one day because they are so dang cute together. 

She was a little freaked out by some of the displays, which I can't blame her for...

But Niall would excitedly try to hold her hand and run up to each window.  And when he realized that she hung back for one particular window display or another, he would get really upset and look all around for her, yelling "Pypuh?  Pypuh?" (translation: Piper)

Some of the stuff was really awesome to look at.  Niall could have stood in front of some of these glass barriers all day.

Niall was even lucky enough to make another little friend while he was there...

This guy would follow Niall's every move.  He would swim past and then immediately turn around and go right up to Niall's face.  Which I'm sure made Niall feel really special because turtles are one of his favorite animals.

The catfish was kind of fascinated with him, too.  I guess the animals got a show, themselves.  Works on both sides of the glass ;)

But this was, by far, Niall's favorite display:

This really cool (and poisonous) blue tree frog was just sitting on top of the snake (Niall's other favorite animal) and the snake didn't do anything.  I don't know if it was the amazing bright colors or just the fact that Niall is obsessed with snakes, but he cried for a little bit when we had to move on.

So we tried to make it worth his while after leaving the snake and frog exhibit and busted out the dolphins.  I think he was pretty happy with that trade.

I'd say our day at the aquarium was pretty awesome.

But I think their day was even better (get lost, mom!)...

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  1. love this whole post times a million! glad your day at the aquarium was so great. and good luck in the homestretch, kerry! xoxo

  2. John and I went there for Valentine's Day one year. It's definitely romantic! Wish we had a pic just like that lol

  3. Kerry,

    That is so fun! This is the Baltimore aquarium where I take A all the time! Isn't it amazing! Hope you got to stay for a dolphin show!!!

    Daily Mom


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