Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quality Time

I realized last week that the time is really ticking for some QT with Niall before baby Brendan arrives. So yesterday, we went for a really special outing-- one that probably wasn't the best idea for a 9 months pregnant woman to take on with a couple of 2 year olds.

My friend and I took our boys to their first movie in front of the big screen... but not just a 'hop in the car and go to the nearest theater' movie. We made a full day of it and rode the metro into DC (another first).  Double whammy-- trains and movies!  Doesn't get much better than that in Niall's world.

No carseat!?  Jackpot!
I have to admit, I'm not really that motivated (or crazy) to take on a journey like this by choice.  The reason we went all the way into the city was because it was the only movie time that started before noon.  But it ended up being a really fun experience.  They were both angels the whole time- on the train and in the theater.  I guess when there's this much stimulation and entertainment, how could you throw a tantrum, right?

Yes, let it be noted, the lucky selection for Niall's first movie ever was Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.  I'm not gonna lie, it was actually pretty entertaining.  But not quite as entertaining as watching him...

His arms were tucked behind his head like this the whole time, except when he pulled one hand out to shovel popcorn into his mouth every 30 seconds-- a boy after both his mommy's and daddy's heart.  Matt and I used to go see really bad movies at the theater just to get the popcorn.  One time, all of the half-decent movies were sold out, so Matt had to convince the ticket collector to allow him to go up to the snack counter, buy a bucket of popcorn and then turn around and leave without even seeing a movie. 

A word of advice for parents attempting to take a 2 year old to the movie theater:  bring lots of jackets and maybe some medicine balls/ 5 pound dumbells.  You know how our big butts hold the folding seat down, no problem?  Well, their little tushies don't even come close.  Both boys were literally eaten by the movie seats-- totally stuck in the crevice because they weren't big enough to hold the seat down.  It was pretty hysterical.

Nothing that a little reclining and popcorn can't fix ;)

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