Monday, January 2, 2012

Cookie Monster

It's been kind of tough since Christmas cookie season has officially come to an end.  I find myself wandering around the kitchen, wondering "what am I going to do after breakfast, lunch and dinner now?"  "WHERE'S MY COOKIE??"

But I know this is a good thing.  2 straight weeks of 5+ cookies per day probably doesn't bode well for avoiding gestational diabetes.  Or getting back into shape after the baby comes.  So I'm switching to tea, which tastes exactly the same as Christmas cookies ;)

But in the spirit of looking back on happy Christmas memories, here is a little glimpse of our cookie season this year...

A little tidbit of important info I learned this year:  you can spend 12 hours making, rolling and refrigerating your own sugar cookie dough, or you can get the pre-cut, ready-to-go, already decorated sugar cookie dough that tastes exactly the same (or if you're me and not very good at baking, the refrigerated dough will actually taste better). 

The exception is chocolate chip cookies-- I don't think the refrigerated dough does the trick... but the solution here is to get the bagged mix where you just add butter and an egg.  Bottom line, don't bother with homemade cookie dough.

And another perk of the pre-decorated cookies was that Niall liked looking at them so much, he ran around the house holding his prized possession for an hour and wouldn't eat it.  

Until the cookie melted into a million pieces in his clammy little hands, when he made a mad dash to shove the whole thing in his mouth as quickly as humanly possible.  He really made the most of that cookie, God bless him.

Never waste a cookie around here, that's our motto.  

Niall was just as devastated as I was when the cookie tin turned up empty.  I quickly put the empty tins in the basement in the hopes that he would forget if he didn't see them.  But I never forgot, no I don't think I ever will.  Here's looking forward to next year's cookie season.

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  1. Ha ha ha - I've so been missing the cookies too! I can take down a plate of cookies in a few short hous, and gained back some of my baby weight! But I've been wandering around the kitchen, trying to find something to fill the void. Closest I've come is a spoon with half peanut butter, half Nutella. And a glass of milk :)


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