Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oops, I did it again

In my last post, I admitted that I may be getting involved in a little too much activity for someone who is 8 months pregnant... and then that same afternoon, I went out and did this all by myself (aside from my little helper, who *respectfully* may have made for more work than actually doing it myself):

Matt had to work on Saturday and I just had this vision that it was going to be December 23rd all of a sudden and we still wouldn't have our tree.  So Niall and I went out and did it ourselves.

We picked the perfect skinny tree to fit in our skinny little corner and naturally jammed it into the car instead of strapping it on top (can you tell this was my first time getting a tree?).  Niall was buried beneath a mass of pine needles, but I think he liked it.

Then, I pulled it out of the car, set it up in the tree stand and decorated the whole thing before Matt got home.  A job well done, I must say.  And for those of you who grew up with a fake tree like me, this is the toughest part if you don't have someone helping you:

You have to hold the tree in place and screw the four knobs in to hold it upright.  I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty skilled and talented when I pulled that one off.  I am completely shocked that the tree hasn't toppled over yet.  Will keep you posted...

Anyhoo, some of you might be wondering "Won't Matt feel cheated that he didn't get to help with trimming the ol' Christmas tree?"  And to that I would answer, "You must not know Matt."  He's no scrooge; in fact, he loves Christmas.  But the whole Christmas-tree-getting-process is more of a check off the to-do list for him.  He was very grateful to come home and see it all set up, lit up and decorated. (After he scolded me for doing things I should be doing at 8 months preggo).

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  1. You are a rock star - I couldn't wrestle with a tree by myself even WITHOUT being incredibly pregnant or having a toddler running around!

  2. It looks great! And you're right, you shouldn't have done that at 8 months pregnant. But I probably would have too. In fact I'm always doing more than I should. I'm due January 20th. I suspect your due date is pretty close. Nice to have the holidays to make time go a bit faster, huh?


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