Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've seen more Christmas lights in the last month than I probably have in my entire childhood.  Unfortunately, capturing good footage of all these magical strands of color means you have to know how to operate a camera at night... which is just not my thang.

Just FYI, for all the other amateurs out there, the flash is not the answer.  But I did my best to get the gist.  This was at the Mormon Temple down the street from our house.  It's such a beautiful building- I thought it was a castle when I was a little girl and I still do.

And this was "Lights at the Zoo."  It was basically light displays that were in the form of zoo animals, but they also had a gingerbread house competition and a train display, which gained major points with Niall.

And the icing on the cake: the train ride around the tiger pit.  Enough said.

What about our house, you might be wondering?  Once again, we flopped.  Last year, I busted the tangled lights out of the basement... but they only made it as far as the guest room, where they remained until I put them back in the basement promptly on January 1st.

This year, it was important to me to make the effort, since Niall really seems to appreciate it and know what's going on.  So I wrapped them up and over the railings and around the door, and even made them reach into the outlet right inside the house so I wouldn't have to deal with extension cords outside.

I was fully prepared for the Chevy Chase "Christmas Vacation" experience, complete with cursing Santa, kicking decorations and making a scene in front of the neighbors.  But when I plugged them in, to my complete shock, they worked! Until 2 days later... when half of the strand stopped working for no which point, I sighed, unplugged them and and just ignored them until I took them down and put them back in the basement yesterday. 

So once again, we had no Christmas lights of our own.  But we certainly made up for it with our lights around the city extravaganza.  I'd say Niall has gotten his fair share of Christmas spirit this year.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the zoo lights seem like a total win!!! Trains! Giant animals!! I totally wish I could have went!!

    Mason is TOTALLY obsessed with our Christmas lights and will do nothing else other than point and go "Lights?? Lights?? Lights BROKEN??" if they are not turned on. I think we're in a world of really sad toddler once the lights come down....


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