Saturday, December 3, 2011

33 Weeks

Woah.  33 weeks.  Seriously, how did this happen so fast?  By January 20th (God, please don't let me go a week past my due date this time!), I will have 2 little munchkins runnin' this joint.  That's only a month and a half away!  

It's pretty unbelievable how much faster this pregnancy has flown by compared to the last one.  I guess with your first one, you're just so anxious to meet the new little guy, you can't help but count down every month, day, week and minute.  But now I'm so busy with Niall, I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant.

To the point where I forget to act like I'm pregnant.  For instance, maybe I shouldn't have gone crazy re-configuring the house yesterday and moved a bookshelf, DVD tower, buffet hutch and 7 foot tall shelving unit all by myself because I just had to see my new vision of our home's layout before Matt got home from work...

But it just felt so good to have that out of the way and disperse some of the clutter.  

It's weird how the nesting instinct has kicked in so much more the second time around.  You would think I would have cared more during my first pregnancy.  I think it's the pressure to make this house work for the 4 of us without feeling like we should be on an episode of "Hoarders."  It's amazing how fast you can outgrow a 3 bedroom house.

I'm feeling good, though.  I remember being really uncomfortable that last month when I was pregnant with Niall-- and even though I'm not quite in the last month yet, I can tell that it was more of the excitement for Niall to get here than actual discomfort.  This time, I'm kind of trying to enjoy the time I have not getting up 4 times a night and being a total zombie. 

But even though I know it's going to be a tough few months in the beginning, I absolutely can't wait to meet baby Brendan.  It will be so exciting to have another one of these to hold:

And my big boy sitting right next to us :)

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  1. Ah, doesn't it go fast?!! Can't believe you're already 33 weeks!

    I'm totally like that too - a must-do-it-NOW furniture rearranger. I can never wait until Ryan gets home. Like you I was pushing around all sorts of things in my last few weeks... changing it up, making it "just right"... *sigh*

    Also, I read your post about Niall's birthday - happy birthday little dude! Love the transportation theme. Levi would totally dig that too. :)

  2. I had such similar experiences! I mulched the yard in the hot weather, and had to remind myself not to climb high ladders, etc. And I was in a panic to get our house ready - I was worried about manning a newborn and a two year old alone all day! Glad to hear that you are feeling so well :) :) I was induced at a week late with John, and Jackson came in a hurry a few days early... maybe since we had similar pregnancies, we will have similar deliveries :)

  3. Save your'll need it soon enough!

  4. You still look ready to run after Niall! Good luck with number 2, can't wait to see pics of the little man!

    Daily Mom


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