Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Niall's Birthday Recap

Maybe a baby's first birthday is the most exciting event on a new parent's social calendar... but that just means you don't have a 2 year old. If the challenges of toddler communication are enough to drive you to insanity, hang in there-- the way they are able to express their excitement once they actually know what their birthday is totally makes up for all that.  It will literally make you melt.

Niall LOVES construction, trucks, trains-- pretty much anything transportation/building right now.  So I made sure that his cake reflected that.  Especially since daddy is a construction manager.  As you can see, it was difficult to actually keep the accessories on this cake once Niall laid his eyes on it.

But my cupcake spread was pretty much a moot point once he saw what Grammo and Grampo got him for his special day...

Nothing like your first set of wheels.  I think I'm catching a scary glimpse of this boy's teenage years.  I just wish I could catch Niall saying "pick-up truck" on video.  It's Matt's favorite word of his.  He repeatedly chants "HI, pooka-twuck!"

When we would ask him how old he was, he would proudly yell "TWO!" and hold up 10 fingers :)

And he even knew to blow out his candles, which involved a lot of spit on the cupcakes.  A totally worthy price to pay for his cuteness.

If only I had known that I didn't actually need to make cupcakes at all-- he would have been happy with simply a jar of frosting.  Live and learn.

And he got a few extra presents from mommy and daddy-- just a side dish; nothing like the pooka-twuck, but we tried.

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  1. looks like fun! i can't wait to start planning P's 2nd b-day. although i promised sam it would be much more low key this year... boo. :)

  2. You are so right - turning 2 is AWESOME! Happy Birthday Niall!!! He is so freaking adorable. How fantastic will Christmas be this year?


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