Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truck Touch 2011

For all of the weekends in the last few months that Matt's been stuck at work and couldn't come on any of our fun adventures, I knew that a day would eventually come when he would be able to join us for something that would blow everything else out of the water.  And that day finally came this past Saturday.

Whose idea was it to create an event where kids run around from truck to truck, honking the horn, jumping on the back, and playing with all of the controls?  I don't know, but he/she is clearly a genius.

They had pretty much any kind of truck you could ever imagine-- fire trucks, snow plows, tree cutting trucks, utility trucks, school buses, ambulances, dump trucks, mail trucks, concrete trucks, giant flatbeds, you name it.  And for a kid who goes to sleep holding hard, metal vehicles instead of soft, plushy stuffed animals, it doesn't get much better than this.

Except when your dad can come ;)

And if you're able to leave the premises without ripping your brand new pair of pants/ one of only two pairs that fit right now-- that's the other way it can get better than this.

Looks like mama needs to learn to let some things go... I guess it was worth the snag :)

Born to be a trucker... or at least hardcore.

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  1. that looks awesome! there was as "touch a truck" event around here that we couldn't make it to. i wish we did!


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