Monday, October 10, 2011

Losing Track of Time

Here's a good question: how far along am I?  It's a good one that I often ask myself, and can't seem to find the answer without scrolling backward in my phone's calendar.  It's amazing how much harder it is to keep track with #2!

I'm either 24 or 25 weeks.  I change every Friday, so I'm pretty sure I jumped to 25 over the weekend, but I have honestly felt like every time I get used to saying one week, I'm right on to the next before I can even be sure.  Either way, I'm dang near 6 months pregnant, which is just crazy!

I did attempt to look up my pregnant weeks tracker on baby center, but it appears that my most recent update is that Niall just turned 10 months old... hmmm, I think I may need to do some updating of paperwork there.  

Anyway, I thought that today would be a good belly shot day because I am actually in a tank top on October 10th.  It's 82 degrees here today, which may be a good indication of global warming-- but I prefer to think of it as a nice little remnant of a summer treat, instead ;)

So we're ditching the pumpkin spice lattes today and going for some local dairy farm ice cream in celebration of one of our last warm days for a while to come.  And when I say "we," I mainly mean me.  Niall is a little young for lattes, but I do like sharing the blame for an entire pint of missing ice cream with the little guy.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weather in your area!

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  1. LOL - I was like that when I was pregnant with #2 as well. I always had to think twice about my due date, how far along I was, etc.

  2. Hey, except for that adorable bump, you are tiny - so eat all the ice cream you want! You look fantastic. I can't believe you are six months along already. That's crazy!


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