Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Practice Run

I could not be more excited right now.

Back in August, I spotted Halloween costumes at the Old Navy outlet in Rehobeth and decided to be super diligent/ gutsy and choose Niall's fate about 2 months ahead of time.

The only problem was that, as much as he enjoyed pointing to it and shouting "DWAGON!! RAAAAR!!!", he was not thrilled about putting it on.  Terrified is more like it.  "Don't put that thing near me" pretty much sums it up.

So I hung it in his nursery, hoping that the more he saw it and we talked about it ahead of time, he might actually put it on for Halloween.  As of a week ago, all signs were still pointing to 'no'.  I was pretty confident it would remain hanging there until baby Brendan could fit into it about 2 years from now.

But today was different.  It was my mom's group Halloween parade at the local nursing home and he was totally on board once he saw everyone else in their cute little costumes.

We walked around saying hi to everyone (AKA running past all of the friendly old folks and refusing to make eye contact) and collecting candy- except that any time someone tried to slip a piece into his bag, he got this really distressed look on his face and yelled "NO!"

So mommy, being the helpful and understanding person that I am, just took the pieces for him and swiftly ate 75% of it in the car on the way home.  But I did convince Niall to try a couple pieces while we were there.

And on the way home...I don't think he was disappointed ;)

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  1. Basically the cutest dragon ever :)

    And my husband and I totally raid our kids' halloween buckets and take out all the good stuff!


    (blogger still wont let me leave comments!)

  2. (A) So freaking cute. (B) Niall gives me hope for Nate. We got ours a bit early too. Nate BEGGED for it in the store. And now he won't put it on. Maybe when he sees the other kids in class tomorrow, he'll give in.

  3. Dragon Niall is soooooooooooooooo cute!!! I'm glad he got over his costume fear and it totally cracked me up that he yelled at people trying to put candy in his bag. That just figures, LOL

  4. Oh, Niall is adorable! That looks like a quality costume too - so cute!


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