Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainy Days

Last week was just... yuck.  Was it just us Marylanders or did the whole country get rained on for the entire week?  I mean, it was at least 4 or 5 solid days of massive downpour and it was starting to take a toll on us.

But we brushed it off and didn't let that get us down.  I actually had a pretty packed schedule of indoor activities, so it all worked out.  When life throws you lemons... make lego castles!  That's our motto :)

And there's always trucks.  Niall will never be bored if there is a toy (or preferably real) truck for him to play with.  Naturally.

We did spend a little time behind the wheel of daddy's truck on those rainy evenings-- turning on the windshield wipers and hazards was a real thrill for him.  Oh, the little things that make this boy happy.

And per the usual, there's always that one thing that wasn't even intended to be part of the fun that ends up taking the cake.  This time, it was the big soft blocks in the waiting area of the building museum.   I could barely convince him to go into the awesome lego area that we paid to get into.  He would have just stayed in the lobby stacking blocks all day...

To top it all off, we ended the rainy week with a family trip to the annual model train show.  Talk about a little boy's slice of heaven.  It's funny how going to something like this 3 years ago could not have sounded more boring to me... and now I get more excited than Niall, just anticipating how much he is going to love it.




Yea, it was awesome.  The trains actually blew smoke.  The buildings had little people in them.  The tracks went around the entire room.  Niall was speechless.  So the rain didn't bother us one bit :)

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  1. looks like you guys made the most of a crappy-weather week! it was actually crazy unusually nice here in the pacific northwest. we just had 9 days of weather in the 80's or higher! it was a new record. haha.


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