Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Niall's First Haircut

It wasn't pretty- strapping Niall into the chair to get those long, luscious locks chopped off.  We knew this would be the case going into it, which is why we opted for "Cartoon Cuts."  They play kid's TV programs at every hair cutting station and let their victims play with lots of toys and balloons.  Sounds great in theory.

But no amount of Dora the Explorer or cool new toys could ever cover up the fact that they were strapping Niall down into a chair and holding scissors up to his head.  This boy has been through too much trauma with  stitches and nebulizers and shots.  I don't think I'll have to worry about this one being lured into cars by strange men offering an array of delicious candy.  He sees straight through the sugar coated disguises.

It started off ok-- as in, we got him into the chair...

And swiftly went downhill from there.  Screaming and squirming and completely ignoring the cartoons.  Glad we paid about $10 extra for the "kiddie ambiance" of this place vs. a regular hair cuttery.  I really wanted to take pictures of the meltdown, but I was afraid that the hair dresser would pass some horrible judgment on me.  Besides, I was busy pinning Niall down.

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of baby's first haircuts.  I like the long, innocent look of their hair swiped off to the side and curling up in the back.  Plus I think it looks weird when they have that Dumb and Dumber style bowl cut.  But I knew it was time because poor Niall spent about an hour each day sweeping his long surfer bangs out of his eyes.  I tried to do the old post-bath quick snip but it didn't turn out very well.

Anyway, he was not a very happy camper at Cartoon Cuts, but once it was all said and done, we let him watch cartoons for a minute and bought him some toys conveniently placed for sale right in front of the kids' faces.  All was eventually back to normal ;)

I'm hoping we won't have to make a trip back to the barber for at least another 6 months or so.  We're gonna stretch it as long as humanly possible.  Hey, he went almost 2 years before his first one, right?

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