Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Parade

I'm not really sure what Labor Day is a celebration of-- I feel like it's one of those holidays that you don't really pay tribute to anyone; it's just a well-deserved day off for all the hard working folk out there.  So I was surprised that our little town actually has this huge parade and festival dedicated to the holiday.

The parade itself was slightly lame (a few stilts walkers and jugglers, but mostly a lot of ordinary families just walking down the street waving at everyone like they were famous), but the festival blew me away.  The amusement rides were amazing!  A little kid's dream... except that my little kid might be just a tidge too young for getting pummeled on a giant blow up machine by 4 and 5 years olds.

So instead of saying "Oh, look Niall... let's watch the big kids have fun on that giant army bootcamp obstacle moonbounce," I decided that my 21 month old was fully capable of such challenges.  We started with the giant Dora the Explorer moonbounce with a huge slide and pillar maze...

The only problem was that when Niall decided he wanted out, he couldn't figure out where the exit was.  He would cry for me through the netting and I would try to point out where I would meet him and get him out of there... but he was a little bit stuck on getting through that maze. I have to admit, it was a little scary for me, because I couldn't get in there to help him and there were lots of big kids bouncing around and over him.  But he eventually got it :)

Then we moved onto the giant train tunnel.  This was right up his alley... except for the part where you attempt to walk through a wind tunnel and get stuck in the centimeter wide slit of an entry way.  He was not a fan.  So I asked the ticket guy if I could help him through.  And let me tell you, it's a little claustrophobic in there.  I had the same anxiety attack in the ceiling tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese.  At one point, I was sweating and banging on the windows to Matt "HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?!?!"  Every turn led to a new tunnel.  This was kind of like that.

But it was pretty much awesome and Niall wanted to do it again by the time we got out.  I'm not gonna lie- there was one moon bounce ride that I legitimately wanted to hand Niall off and do by myself.  It was this giant 20 ft high slide that looked like so much fun... when did it stop becoming ok for adults to do things like this?  Lame.

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