Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fire House

I can still vividly remember that feeling of awe when I reached out and touched Cinderella on my first trip to Disney World-- when she gave me a big hug and posed in a picture with me, it all felt like a dream.  So I know how Niall must have felt yesterday we parked the car and walked around the corner to this:

Every time we drive past the station (almost every time we go for a drive), he shouts out "Fire Truck!" (or more phonetically accurate: "Wire Twuck!") several blocks before we can even see them.  He just knows they're there.  And it makes him very excited.

So we were lucky enough to get a tour yesterday, thanks to one of the ladies from my mom's group, and got the group of five energetic, not-quite-2-year-olds into the station.  I think the fireman was a little more used to a slightly more mature group of tots (maybe 5 and 6 year olds) who care about things like where the firemen eat, play pool, and watch TV.

These kids could not have been more clear about how they felt about the firehouse tour: "TWUCKS!!!!" Translation: We don't care about your stupid recreational space, just show us the big red engines!!  NOW!!!

So the very understanding fireman led us quickly out to the garage, where the real action was.

I was shocked that Niall didn't take up the offer to climb into the driver's seat, but he did hop in the back.  I think it was a little bit intimidating.

He didn't take his souvenir fireman's hat off for the rest of the day... and then proceeded to ask for it promptly at 6am this morning when he woke up ;)

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