Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 years

Bad wife here.  I did a post yesterday about our little kid's trip to the farm, but what I should have posted was that it was Matt's and my third wedding anniversary.  Woops, we'll blame it on pregnant brain freeze.

Matt and I have come a long way since that September day-- we had a year to ourselves, then came Niall, and now another on the way.  It all seems like a blur, but I"ll never forget how much fun that day was.  Everything was just perfect- the weather, a sail boat ride into the reception, and lots and lots of dancing... 

I'm so blessed to have this little family with Matt, Niall and baby-to-be.  I couldn't ask for more :)
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  1. happy anniversary! and i totally knew you were pregnant but had forgot. it was an exciting reminder... YAY!!


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