Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy Confessions

I'm just gonna put it right out there:  we've spent about 75% of this summer inside.  I don't remember the heat bothering me so much in the past, but now I can't take more than 10 minutes out there.  I start panting, feeling weak, and it's like I'm walking through a cloud of oven smoke.

It could be that I'm pregnant and queasy, but it's most likely the unseasonable 30 day streak or so of near 100 degree days with ridiculous humidity.  Not to mention the bugs.  Gnats, mosquitos, flies.  I've swallowed 3 so far this summer in mid conversation and I'm done with it.

I would give anything to spend June-August in San Diego or Maine or anywhere that it doesn't get too far above 85.  But until we hit the lottery, that's not happening.  So needless to say, I feel terrible for Niall.  He somehow isn't affected at all by heat and bugs, so it's like I'm torturing him by keeping him in.  He just powers through it; running around with red sweaty cheeks, soaked hair, and his little face and arms and legs covered in bugs.

Well power to you, Niall.  I can't do it.  Which is why there are days when I can't bear to disappoint Niall and I have to man up-- which involves me opening the storm door, letting Niall outside like a dog, and watching him from the nice air conditioned foyer. 

So we've spent a lot of time at places like the "play town" in the mall.  And it's actually been a lot of fun for him.

And with Niall's new car & truck obsession, a few quarters in the little vibrating, bouncing kiddie truck...

Voila, magic indoor fun.  How long will this mall entertainment be sufficient?  Only time will tell.  Fall can't come fast enough :)

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  1. A loves indoor playtime, so I hope it lasts for you! Also, how has it been without pacis?!?

  2. Not too bad, surprisingly! He whines for a good 10-20 minutes, but then he nods off and sleeps through the night and through his whole nap. I am very pleasantly surprised!


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