Monday, August 15, 2011

Lessons in Patience

It's weird how you can go a whole 9 months with one baby and never find out whether it's going to be a boy or a girl-- but once you decide you want to know with that second one, it can't come fast enough.

Today was supposed to be my sonogram appointment, but when I called this morning to double check, they informed me that it was just a regular check-up and I would have to get a referral to have the sonogram done somewhere else.  Crushing.  How could I possibly wait another day when I thought this was going to be the day??

There are definitely some trade-offs to having a midwife, I tell ya.  Since I'm going for a VBAC this time, I decided to switch practices and go through a midwife who works at a hospital (the best of both worlds for me, in case anything goes wrong).

But my midwife practice doesn't have the technology to do a lot of this stuff in their offices.  I have to go to all these other places to get blood drawn and sonograms and whatever other tests there are.  So, seeing as this is my second baby, and I am obviously going to be more lazy about it, I just didn't do any of the tests that were 'optional' :)

Here's the issue:  I'm going to the beach for a week starting this Sunday.  I HAVE to know this week.  I can't go to the beach not knowing.  It's just not an option.  So I stalked the receptionist 3 different times this morning.  I wanted to get the referral before my check-up this afternoon.  I wanted to try to get an appointment ASAP.  A little psycho?  Maybe.  I call it persistence.

And I got it.  My appointment is for Friday.  Just in time to find out before the beach.  This day wasn't a total bust, though.  I had the cutest thing happen.  I asked Niall this morning if he wanted a baby boy or a baby girl as I pointed to my stomach.  To my surprise (because this boy barely talks), clear as a bell, he smiled and shyly uttered "Girl!"

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  1. Ooohh keep us all posted on Friday, Ker!!!! xoxo to baby mccullough #2 and mommy of course!

  2. So, I realize it's Monday/gender day and I click on your blog and we still don't know! It's killing me! Thank you for being a little crazy with the nurse, it makes me feel better knowing I'd probably do the SAME thing! Can't wait for Friday!

  3. This made me smile :) We didn't find out with John and I don't know with this one either, but I am so much more curious this time! It means so much more - will I have brothers or one of each? I can't wait to hear what you'll be having - glad you were able to get in! And so sweet about Niall's preference :)

  4. kerry, i JUST saw this:

    weird, right?


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