Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a...


Sorry for the delay.  I just realized that I left everyone hanging after my big appointment Friday.  The reason I was so desperate to find out last week was that I was leaving for the beach on Sunday.  So it was great to be able to know before I went on my little vacation.  And when I say "great," I mean crucial to my sanity.

Anyway, back to Friday afternoon...I couldn't believe it.  My sister-in-law, Kate, and I were anxiously waiting for the sonographer to come in the room (as we quickly inhaled sandwiches we had stuffed in her purse).  As soon as she got started, I explained how I have a 21 month old boy and everyone thinks this one is going to be a girl...

Really, everything seemed a little different about this pregnancy: the way I was carrying, the way my morning sickness was always at night, and just a gut "girl" feeling I had (note to self: while it is usually highly encouraged, maybe I shouldn't trust my gut).

Well, almost right off the bat, before I could even prepare myself for this big announcement, she said "Oh yea, that's definitely a boy."  Kate and I just started laughing and smiling and I teared up a little.  I have to admit, I was a little confused about what I really wanted... of course, I want need a girl at some point, but I also want Niall to have a little buddy to grow up with, close in age.

And now I know that it worked out perfectly.  This is exactly the way it should be.  Most people think that I must be a little disappointed that it's not a girl, but I honestly couldn't be happier.  Until next baby, when I might freak out on the sonographer if she tells me it's another boy.  But for now, I'm beaming with pride and excitement for my 2 little boys.  Here are some more pix of baby boy:

How freaky is this one?  I never had a 3D pic with Niall...

Back to the beach :)

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  1. congratulations, kerry! i can't wait to see what you and matt will name your new boy. and congratulations to niall, too, on his coming brother!

    and i find the 3d sonograms to be so disturbing/freaky/weird!!! it's cool, but it's also just weird-looking!

  2. Congrats!!! Two boys are so much fun - not that I'm biased or anything ;-)

  3. Yay for a best buddy for Niall! YAY!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations :) :) (And I can't trust my gut either... I was so convinced John was a girl I almost bought a wardrobe of pink clothes! He was the best surprise ever :) )


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